Iran Makes Top 20 For Scientific Development in Biotechnology



The most current report released by the Scopus, the planets biggest abstract and citation database, displays that the Islamic Republic has achieved this international listing back in 2014 by offering close to 4,000 products in the sector of biotechnology.

The document noted that the scope of scientific productions of any given country in different areas of biotechnology, such as biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, is one of the most crucial criteria’s used to evaluate the ranking of countries intros area of science.

During the past 20 years, Iran has established new grounds in the sector of biotechnology as a result of which the country is currently an exporter of biotech medications.

As of early may, an official at the Iranian Ministry of Health stated the Islamic Republic has become a developer of some recombinant drugs, which were previously manufactured by a few developed countries, there for ending their monopoly in the sector

Akbar Abdollahi-Asl, Iranian Food and Drug Administration’s deputy for supervision and planning , added that by manufacturing recombinant drugs, Iran is currently the only country ability of synthesizing the molecule of recombinant Factor VII, which is used to treat hemophiliacs.

Back on April 26, Iranian media documented that the country’s researchers have developed a nano drug, which has proven effective in battling treatment-resistant cancers.


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