Innovative Cancer Treatment Currently in Clinical Trial Phase



Recently, monoclonal antibody treatment has been created for dogs with T-cell lymphosarcoma. Monoclonal antibody treatment goes under the vast category of immunotherapy. This form of treatment activates the patients own immune system to search and eliminate cancer cells. Immunotherapy is targeted therapy and immune system to learn to select for cancer cells and eliminate those cells without causing harm to the body.
Traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation treatment can’t identify the difference between cancer cells and normal cells so much so more side effects are seen with them.
Then new monoclonal antibody treatment for dogs with T-cell lymphosarcoma is called T-CEP. It is an intravenous infusion of a monoclonal antibody that is given to the patient for over a 12-week period. This treatment has been very well tolerated with very little to no side effects documented.
At the moment, this treatment is being offered as a part of a clinical trial experience program at various select veterinary specialty centers in the U.S.


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