ImmunoGen, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMGN) Announces the Clinical Outcome of Mirvetuximab Soravtansine to Treat Epithelial Ovarian Cancer


ImmunoGen, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMGN) has presented the result of Mirvetuximab Soravtansine in combination with pembrolizumab in treating the patients having resistance to epithelial ovarian cancer at the SGO (Society of Gynecologic Oncology) Annual Summit in New Orleans, LA.

The key findings of the study involving fourteen heavily treated patients using the combination of  pembrolizumab and  Mirvetuximab Soravtansine are as follows:

  • The overall response rate in eight patients with high or medium Frα expression levels is 63% and the survival rate is 8.6 months.
  • The overall response rate for all the patients, who are administered a median of 4.5 prior lines of the systemic therapy, is 43%. The progression free survival of the treated patients is 5.2 months.
  • The combination of 200 mg pembrolizumab and mirvetuximab (6 mg/kg), the full dosage applied on the patients, has demonstrated a favorable tolerance with mild side effects.

To further confirm the above data, the company is recruiting 35 more patients having high or medium  Frα expression levels for the Forward II study.

The Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Immunogen, Mrs. Anna Berkenblit, M.D said the company is very happy about the encouraging results of the drugs combination in exhibiting the anti-tumor activity along with tolerable profile among the subject patients with high or medium Frα expression levels.

It is evident from the above that  mirvetuximab can be used in combination with out medicines. The above results exhibit the potential of mirvetuximab to treat patients with ovarian cancer. The drug can be used either in combination or as a monotherapy to treat the patients with platinum resistant ovarian cancer effectively.

A brief Information about ImmunoGen, Inc.

The clinical-stage biotechnology company ImmunoGen Inc is engaged in the development and manufacturing of antibody-drug conjugates to treat  patients suffering from cancer. Apart from conducting the Forward II clinical trials for  mirvetuximab, the company also has 3 clinical stage products. The two of the additional clinical stage products are in the development stage in alliance with Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLC (NASDAQ:JAZZ). The company’s proprietary ADC technology is also used by other companies in program development.


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