$IDDR Meet HIPAA Security Compliance Requirements


IDdriven Provides Role-Based Access Solution to Meet HIPAA Security Compliance Requirements

In a recent presentation, entitled “RBAC and HIPAA Security”, Uday O. Ali Pabrai, Chief Executive Officer of the HIPAA Academy, spelled out Seven Steps to HIPAA Security Compliance. They include HIPAA Requirements, the Seven Steps to HIPAA Security Compliance, Access Control and Role-Based Access Control.

The updated guidelines were published last month to provide HIPAA minimum security requirements in achieving compliance.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) was the focus of this year’s report, stressing the several advantages of RBAC over other access control mechanisms. Users are only given access privilege rights necessary to perform their duties or job function.

Arend Verweij, Chief Executive Officer of IDdriven stated, “It goes back to how to allow access rights to employees and partners, and keeping the bad actors out of your IT environment. We are very excited to see that one of the key features of IDdriven, namely RBAC, is now being recognized to be the de facto policy for Hospital systems and other healthcare providers under HIPAA.”

He added, “This is at the heart of what role we were designed to fulfill for these entities. We know we can help them become compliant and make their lives easier.”

Mr. Verweij warned that HIPAA fines may be looming for others that lack appropriate access management controls. In a recent publication of Bloomberg BNA’s Health Care Daily Report, it was reported a Florida hospital was fined $5.5M to settle a private patient record breach. The fine could be a landmark event in healthcare and open the floodgates of penalties from mismanaging access rights. It was uncovered current or former hospital employees were selling confidential patient health records.

Mr. Verweij stated, “With IDdriven, role-based access control is automated and has a Certification Module built in, which makes it easy to regularly review employee rights to access information. IDdriven is easy to use, and simple to implement.”

About IDdriven
With its next-generation IDaaS program of the same name, IDdriven, Inc. is at the forefront of the new breed of Identity Management and Access Governance solutions. Taking the complexity and upfront costs out of implementation, IDdriven automates access security for vulnerable company assets by seamlessly integrating with the solutions from Microsoft, and other cloud providers like Amazon. Founded in 2013, IDdriven is headquartered in Sacramento, California. To learn more, visit: www.IDdriven.com.

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