$IDDR Announces Availability of IDdriven 2.0


IDdriven Announces Availability of IDdriven 2.0; Enhanced Account Management Enables “Set and Forget”

In addition to its original suite of industry leading functions that includes Role-based and Zone-based Access control, authorization management, certification and reporting, IDdriven 2.0 includes the following new features and benefits, many of which have been incorporated incrementally this past summer and are already in active customer use:

1.      Enhanced Account Management. IDdriven 2.0’s account management functionality ensures that a company’s employees (subscribers) automatically get user accounts for the applications to which they are designated access.

Benefit: With the new, upgraded account management feature, IDdriven 2.0 has rendered account management ‘set and forget’ a reality. This enhanced functionality readily accommodates many different situations that can happen during a user’s life cycle. Previously, it would require special coding to create this custom functionality tailored to a company’s configuration. With 2.0, the customer saves time and solves compliance issues with:

  • Simple point and drag functionality to create account name syntax’s on a per-application basis.
  • Automatically detecting and resolving duplicate account names and issues.
  • Ability to configure what happens when an attribute of the account name changes, i.e. someone gets married and the last name changes.
  • Ability to decide whether account names are allowed to be re-used, as that might interfere with historical data.

2.      Ability to Configure Roles Using Built-In Visual Tools. IDdriven already allows companies to configure roles by selecting its Organizational Units / Departments from a list. In IDdriven 2.0, it is now possible to pull up a graphical representation of the Organizational Units / Departments and simply click on the one to which the role should apply.

Benefit: Especially for larger organizations, it can be difficult to choose the right department to which a role should apply to, especially if there are multiple departments with the same or similar name.

The graphical representation of the organization added to the role configuration screen provides much more context to the Organizational Unit / Department to which you want to add the role. This simplifies this tool, and reduces the chance of human error by providing a clear overview.

3.      Upgraded Graphic User Interface and Simplified User Experience. Already a popular feature in v1.0, IDdriven 2.0 comes with an even more graphically enhanced User Interface and User Experience.

Benefit:  Speed, accuracy, flexibility and ease of implementation to include enabling novice users to access IDdriven’s more sophisticated functionality simply and intuitively. All companies, especially SMEs, can implement and configure many of its key functions smoothly within an afternoon.

4.      Role Hierarchy. Based on feedback from customers and industry experts, IDdriven 2.0 includes the ability to link roles to each other. This makes it possible to conveniently build a role hierarchy that makes managing role assignments simple and straight forward.

Benefits: Rather than assigning many (technical) roles to a department or employee, a company has to link to only one (business) role. Since the employee will automatically inherit all the linked roles, it makes administering role assignments a breeze.

Have You Driven IDdriven?
At IDdriven, we are continuously working to enhance the user experience. The base IDdriven 2.0 architecture was written from scratch, over two years, to not only to blend the best of both cloud and premise-based next-generation applications, but also to provide a rock solid foundation for more advanced functionality upgrades along with an increasingly simplified user interface, tools and controls.

To learn more about IDdriven’s product offerings, or to inquire about our beta or free trial programs and our vision for the future of IDaaS solutions, visit: www.IDdriven.com

About IDdriven, Inc.
With its next-generation IDaaS program of the same name, IDdriven, Inc. is at the forefront of the new breed of Identity Management and Access Governance solutions. Taking the complexity and upfront costs out of implementation, IDdriven is trusted to protect a company’s most vulnerable assets. Founded in 2013, IDdriven is headquartered in Sacramento, California. To learn more, visit: www.IDdriven.com.


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