IBM’s Supercomputer Might Give a Shortcut to Treating Cancer


Watson, IBM’s supercomputer, is going to be given the opportunity to try to help treat cancer. Watson is expected to use gene structures in order to figure out the cures for different types of cancers. IBM revealed Watson for Genomics at the National Cancer Moonshot Summit on Wednesday. In addition to Watson’s brainpower, which is able to encipher questions in actual language rather than simply binary and ones and zeroes, like other computers. If successful, cancer treatment can be accelerated significantly. Most of the time, finding a cure for something involves deciphering genomes, mutations, then getting doctors to decide the best options. Luckily, Watson can do that in just a few minutes.

This is the most recent deal that IBM has made to use Watson to solve health care issues. In addition, Watson can serve many different issues, even in the fashion industry. IBM gave Alder Hey Children’s Hospital the supercomputer in order to help enhance patient care. Also, Watson also worked with CVS Health to predict someone’s health problems in the future and give them advice. As for the fashion industry, Watson helped create a dress with LED lights on it that quickly went viral on social media. These are just a few of the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

More recently, artificial intelligence has been becoming much more popular as more processors and networks begin to bring order to tons of amounts of data. Watson for Genomics is going to take on the task of searching through the sequenced DNA of patients from the Veterans Affairs Department, finding mutations and looking through medical literature to find which treatments would work best. The program is likely going to identify customized regimens for 10,000 US veterans during the next couple of years. That is almost thirty times more patients that would receive appropriate treatment than if the team did not use Watson.


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