How Breast Cancer Treatment is Changing Rapidly


The diagnosis of breast cancer can change a person’s life forever and cause a myriad of problems for the person across the board. Scientists have come up with a few ideas to help curb the possibility for getting the horrible, debilitating disease.

One of the best methods of having the disease stay away is a healthy amount of exercise. Dr. Ann Partridge, the director of the Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer has stated that “exercise is one of the best things women can do for themselves. It doesn’t mean marathons or hot yoga, but walking three to five times a week can make a huge difference in terms of energy, stamina and how you feel during treatment.”

One study that was conducted recently showed that throughout 87 breast cancer survivors, those who did a 12-week exercise program doubled how fast they could take in treatment.

Author Christine Friedenreich, the scientific leader of cancer epidemiology and prevention research at Alberta Health Services, in 2015 stated that “the exercise guidelines were developed with heart disease outcomes in mind. So at that level, they can have an effect on blood pressure, cholesterol levels and waist circumference. But for cancer prevention, we may need to exercise at higher volumes.”

One of the other most important factors is a person’s diet. A diet that consists of mostly fruits and vegetables shows a decreased chance of getting breast cancer. According to one study, those who eat a mostly plant-based diet has a 15% lower chance of acquiring the disease. Partridge stated that “I don’t mean you have to start juicing or eating organic, but take care of your temple. Don’t overdo it wit carbs or comfort foods.”

Just these few tips can help to keep breast cancer chances lower than they normally would, and adopting them as part of your life shouldn’t be too difficult.


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