Heat Biologics Inc (NASDAQ:HTBX) Releases Outlook On Bladder Cancer Treatment

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After reporting disappointing Phase II bladder cancer treatment report in November, Heat Biologics Inc (NASDAQ:HTBX) released data from its study, along with firm outlook in the space. The biotech stock firm reported that as previously announced, vaccine arms did not demonstrate a statistical improvement compared to the placebo arm in the major endpoint, that was 1-year relapse free survival. However, following clinical study guidance, the company continues to observe all patients registered in the trial for a 2-year duration.

The details

Jeff Wolf, the CEO of Heat, said that the 2-year endpoint will permit the firm to achieve a better look at the report as it grows. He added that the firm will then determine the future course for HS-410 to Phase III studies. At the symposium, the company showed data that HS-410 triggers CD8+ T cells and these immune responders seem to have a lower relapse rate compared to non-immune responders.

Jeff Hutchins added that the report continues to support their hypothesized vaccine plan of action. Furthermore, they consider this vaccine treatment plan could be assessed in more advanced bladder subject populations, in instance where immunotherapy has demonstrated to be useful, but where not all subjects respond to treatment, likely due to less T cell activation and production.

Heat’s business advancement activities are current. They consider that the future of cancer immunotherapy is seen in combination treatments and company is pursuing new programs to add to current platforms. Remaining assessments are in development around the HS-410 study to inform future advancement of other agents and/or combinations targeted at enhancing immune response durability.

Hutchins became Heat’s new CSO in 2017, with his antecedent Taylor Schreiber moving to a new biotechnology firm Shattuck Labs Inc. The company stands to gain from Shattuck, which is, advancing technology exclusively approved from Heat Biologics.


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