Having Hepatitis B Can Cause Liver Cancer


For 5% of patients infected with Hepatitis B virus, liver cirrhosis becomes a common health problem. If Hepatitis B virus is not treated properly in the 5% cases, it could lead to death as it turns into liver cancer and cirrhosis.

In 2012-13, more than 7,000 people who donated blood were tested positive for Hepatitis B. There are people, who are carriers of Hepatitis B but are unaware of it. It is known as a silent killer as it damages the liver gradually and takes years to do it.

Sawai Man Singh hospital professor, Dr. S S Sharma, said, “In 5% of Hepatitis B cases, there are chances of liver damage. They need proper treatment. While in other cases, they carry the virus, but they do not carry the disease.” Moreover, health experts claimed that Hepatitis can be prevented by taking certain precautions. It is a disease, which spreads from blood-to-blood contact. A pregnant woman could transmit the virus to her baby.

The doctors claimed that there is a vaccine available against Hepatitis B. A private hospital’s senior gastroenterologist Dr. Mukesh Kalla said the disease is even more dangerous than HIV. There is a need of spreading proper awareness about the disease.

A person can undergo a blood test to ascertain whether he is Hepatitis B positive or negative. He said that there is a large section of people who are infected with Hepatitis virus but the majority of them do not know about it.

He said in 95% of the infected people, the virus leaves no affect.
In another 5%, it develops into chronic hepatitis and damages liver.
It causes liver failure, liver cancer, and liver cirrhosis. Among children, the percentage of children, who need proper treatment is 30-40% as their immunity fails to fight against the virus. The health experts said if the treatment is done on time, it would prevent damage to the liver.


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