Harbor UCLA Will be Home to a Biotech Park


In Los Angeles California, the county Board of Supervisors has approved a 250,000 square foot area where a Bioscience Tech Park is to be constructed at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance.

The project, that has been approved by Supervisors this past Tuesday based on a vote, has to clear future funding obstacles before it breaks ground, but their support is a crucial initial step. Supervisors are looking to expand the biotech industry in Southern California while gaining more of the county’s science, technology and medical graduates.

“L.A. has been behind on this, but we are getting ready to blast off, and this particular initiative is the first installment,” stated Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. “What we hope to do is to make sure that we can create high-paying jobs right here in our community — be competitive with San Diego, be competitive with San Francisco.”

For quite some time now, business, academic and government leaders in Los Angeles County have been planning on how to expand the biotech industry.

Back in 2012, the Supervisors commissioned a study of the local industry and a near perfect strategy for building it. The report, from the Battelle Memorial Institute, stated that the sector was a consistent catalyst for An employer generator. From 2001 to 2010, the sector added more than 4,500 employment opportunities 11.8 percent expansion that did not stop even in the midst of the recession.

The report also addressed that Los Angeles has the manpower for the biotech industry, but few sections to put it. The county’s colleges have 5,000 bioscience graduates from back in 2010, yet there weren’t enough jobs to keep them here.

Ridley Thomas states the new park would start as an incubator for biotech star ups. in addition to approving his motion, the Supervisors directed the county Department of Public Works to include the bioscience compound in an environmental impact


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