(GTBP) Takes Serious Measures to Help Ensure & Preserve Share Value Ahead of Potential NASDAQ Up-Listing


Today GT Biopharma (GTBP) filed an amendment to its previous warrant agreement and what was revealed could signal a major tipping point for the market. In today’s filing, the company formally indicated that its Warrant Holders cannot sell any warrants below $7 per share for a restricted period of time (News HERE).

This is BIG news and here’s why: Right now GTBP is trading under $5/share. If there was any worry about potential dilution from Warrant holders, today’s filing shows that these same holders cannot sell any of their warrant shares below a market price of $7!

Here’s the direct quote from the filing:

“Effective October 10, 2017, the Agreements were amended to adjust New Stock sales restrictions as follows: (1) no New Stock may be sold for a price of less than $7.00 per share until after November 30, 2017; (2) after December 1, 2017, a Holder’s Allotted Shares for one day may be sold on that day or over the subsequent five trading days; and (3) all trading restrictions shall terminate if and when the Company issues any securities for capital raising purposes.”

Now keep something in mind, from current trading levels of less than $5 ($4.25 as of the close on 10-11) to the initial limited price of GTBP’s warrant holders at $7, that leaves a gap of about 64% where GTBP could potentially see less resistance due to no pressure from warrant shares!

The price potential isn’t the only thing that has begun to grab attention. It’s also the statement made in the press release that could literally be the writing on the wall for what comes next for GT Biopharma (GTBP) and its shareholders:

“This amendment is beneficial to all shareholders in helping to preserve share value as GT Biopharma continues to progress towards its goal of moving onto the NASDAQ exchange,” said Executive Chairman Anthony Cataldo.

To View Full Release, CLICK HERE and pull up GT Biopharma (GTBP)

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