GT Biopharma (OXIS) 8/1 – 8/4 Re-cap & Looking Ahead


For the last week, we’ve been covering a company that has seen a huge bump in attention and trading momentum.  GT Biopharma (OXIS) could be at a major tipping point.  This not only comes after the recent surge in trading but also following the company’s most recent announcements.  These include the addition of new patients to the company’s Phase 2 FDA trials as well as the previously announced agreement to acquire Georgetown Translational Pharmaceuticals Inc.


This acquisition could bring on new therapies as well as new, seasoned management to the company’s leadership team.  Not only do they have experience in running organizations of this size but they’ve also had a role in the mergers and acquisitions arena.  For biotech, that could be BIG for a company of this size. For example, Prior to founding Georgetown Translational, the proposed new CEO of GT Biopharma, Dr. Clarence-Smith co-founded Chase Pharmaceuticals Corporation in Washington D.C. and served as Chairman of the company’s Board from 2008 to 2014. Chase Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Allergan, PLC (AGN) in 2016 in a deal that, with milestones, could reach $1 billion.

This morning (OXIS) announced that it will be holding a conference call, hosted by, to discuss the upcoming merger of Georgetown Translation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and advancements made with the targeted immunotherapies currently in FDA clinical trials. Knowing what we know now about the proposed acquisition, this could be a vital next step for all who are following (OXIS).

Shareholders and interested parties are invited to participate in the conference call hosted by The call will start promptly at 4:15pm EST on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. The dial in number for the call is 712-775-7031. Meeting ID number is 576-591-822.

If you have not done so, take a close look at (OXIS) because this could be just the beginning of the next move for a previous 400% biotech runner





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