GMO Labeling Policy Does not get a Green Light From State Legislatures



U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) potentially could send some thank you letters out to state leaders who stopped all efforts to get in his way this year. Pompeo is the GOP’s point man in Congress on federal policy to preempt the states from making their own laws needed for the labeling of food made up of GMO’s.
This legislative season looks to be coming to a close without any other state attempting to join Vermont in requiring that GMO food products be labeled. State legislatures are adjourned in Hawaii, Alaska, the whole Western region minus the 3 Pacific Coast states, the Midwest, the South excluding the Carolinas, and the Border States.
The North and Northeast states bordering Canada also remain in session, along with Illinois, which is keeping a special session displaying close to a $3-billion budget gap by July 1.
The point that GMO labeling bills were introduced but were not successful in going anywhere provides Congress with more time to work on the problem before the food industry is presented with a maze of state, territorial, and federal labeling guidelines.
Vermont’s law that is a need for labels on GMO foods passed this past year, however, it does not go into action until July 2016. Federal courts are giving it the access to move forward, yet a few issues remain unresolved.


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