Game Changer For The Pharma Industry



When innovative medical breakthroughs happen within the pharmaceutical industry it is always a cause for excitement.

Very soon a single drug could change the U.S. pharmaceutical industry for the better. Zarxio, which is a medicine that helps alleviate infections due to chemotherapy, is soon going to become the first biosimilar drug offered in the United States. The drug biosimilars are generic options to biologics, a complex remedy created in living organisms that have taken off in usage over the last 10 years. It is estimated $4 out of every $10 that is spent on prescription medication in the U.S. is spent on biologics.

Biosimilars have created more cost effective pricing for lifesaving treatments to many people throughout the world, which until recently have not been allowed within the United States because there was not enough regulatory approval. So after a series of long delays, the first moves are taking action so that people in need of treatment can obtain this on the market. Back in March the FDA made Zarxio the first biosimilar to be approved.

Very much alike in the idea to a generic medicine, biosimilars are more cost effective with the identical biological and clinical effects. These treatments hold hopes up high for sustaining affordability and giving more access to these drugs commonly used to treat complex and chronic illnesses such as Rheumatoid arthritis,cancer and kidney failure.

With more impactful medications like Zarxio, the Pharma industry is heading down a path of progressive change.


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