Deaths Force FDA To Suspend The Drug Trial By Juno Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:JUNO)

Juno Therapeutics Inc

Juno Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:JUNO) has suffered a major blow after the food and drug administration reacted to a number of patient deaths that occurred following a drug it was putting under test. This happened in November and the drug under the company’s scope was in a bid to do everything humanly possible to ensure that cancer patients received remedy.

The plan, which they had hoped to propel them to the Top Biotech Stocks, finally hit a dead end and the company now needs to put itself together and see what next for cancer patients! Cancer as a disease has over the years been claiming a lot of lives, With the United States being one of the most affected globally.

The Phase II “Rocket” trial was in an effort to re-engineer the immune systems of the adult patients to deal with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).This trial to a large extent made great use of Juno’s JCAR015 immunotherapy treatment.

Cerebral edema as a body defect is a condition characterized by some sort swelling in a section of the brain. It usually results from immense fluid buildup in the brain and it was such a sad moment when cerebral edema claimed the life of the fifth patient in May.

The CEO Hans Bishop has been quick in making his statement acknowledging the veracity of the toxicity of the substance they had earlier on put under study. He thinks that the trial had resulted into some absurd consequences which as a company they deeply regretted. They had set out on the move hoping to continue to the end; however, the unfortunate incident forced the company to put a halt for some time since according to the company, human lives mattered more.

There was one consoling fact all the same considering that the move had culminated into some very important leanings which would help them as well as the immunotherapy field in future. JCAR015 happens to be one of the most advanced trials Juno has ever engaged in over the years. This failure is however not going to stop the company from engaging further in drug trials and manufacture. It looks forward to launching a similar drug next year to help treat adult cases.

In case the company comes up with an important progress, it will most probably be aired out in the Biotech Stock News.


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