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    Crown Marketing is a United States based publicly traded company ticker symbol CWNM. It is focused on mergers and acquisitions of high-growth, high-profit, technological companies. Crown Marketing has identified three high potential industries for mergers and acquisitions. The first industry of immediate focus will be the marijuana industry as it is one of the fastest growing sectors around the globe, because the common sentiment is legalization of recreational marijuana will happen sooner rather than later. Biotechnology and biopharmaceutical technology will be the second industry of focus. Crown Marketing will seek to gain an imprint into companies involved in progressing biomedical translational research in fields such as Diabetes, Oncology, AIDS, and Cardiovascular Diseases. Finally, Crown Marketing will seek investments in real estate. Currently, Crown’s subsidiary is seeking and acquiring land in Southern California for commercial and mixed used applications.

    Fields of Interest:

    Biotechnology / Biomedical Research

    Biotechnology and Bio-pharmaceutical Industry is a fast growth and developing field with vast potential for research and development. Biotechnology is the research and development in the laboratory using bioinformatics for exploration, extraction, exploitation and production from any living organisms and any source of biomass by means of biochemical engineering where high value-added products could be planned (reproduced by biosynthesis, for example), forecasted, formulated, developed, manufactured and marketed for the purpose of sustainable operations. Bio-pharmaceutical is a subset of biotechnology where a iStock_000007530244XSmallbiological macromolecule or cellular component is used. The biotechnology industry is one of the greatest sources of innovation. These advances in technology improve agricultural yields to meet increasing demands for food. As human population grows there will be a need for more developments in biotechnology. Industrial and environmental bio-technologies are developing new processes to replace fossil fuels. Industrial biotechnology applications have led to cleaner processes that produce less waste and use less energy and water. Crown Marketing seeks to be a leader in investing and partnering with organizations that provide innovative and leading technologies in green energy solutions, hydroponic and agroponics industries.


    Biomedical translational research is scientific research that helps to make findings from basic science useful for practical applications that enhance human health and well-being. It is practiced in fields such as environmental and agricultural science, as well as the health, behavioral, and social sciences. Advancements in technology and research has enabled biomedical researcher to come closer to finding cures and treatments for Cancer, AIDS, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other chronic and debilitating diseases. There is always a need in advancement of technology to find cures and treatments for these illnesses. Crown Marketing will position itself to partner with leaders of these research and development teams to invest in technology and research to find solutions to these biomedical problems.



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