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Biotech Stocks (www.biotechstocks.com) is your best resource for today’s emerging biotech industry.  Whether you’re looking for the best biotech stocks to buy, biotech news, trends in biotech, articles within the biotech industry and so much more, BiotechStocks.com is your destination for it all. Our goal is to become the central hub for all who are seeking current Biotech Stock News as well as biotech industry, political and social news, articles, trends & overall insight, delivered in a way that we all can relate to. Learn as much as you can, then decide whether a position in publicly traded Biotech related stocks is right for you.

All investments carry risk. YOU are responsible for your decisions. In some cases these are highly speculative stocks in development level companies and may have no revenue at all — ever.  Biotech companies are constantly in development, always seeking to push the boundaries of what’s currently offered in the market.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) handles the qualifications and determination for actually allowing biotech companies to bring products to market.  Due to the speculative nature of biotech companies along with volatility with biotech stocks, there may be more significant risks involved as many of these companies fail to progress beyond the clinical stages of testing.  Do your OWN due diligence before you do any investing or trading and decide whether you’re comfortable with the risks involved. Shareholders and prospective investors should recognize that any investment is risky and speculative, and could result in a complete loss. We are not making recommendations of the companies listed here. We are simply listing those operating in or entering this sector.

The biotech industry encompasses a wide array of pharmaceutical drugs, drug technologies, services, and can also have a hand in marketing as well.  With so much growth in the biotech industry, it’s hard not to want more information and that is what we aim to deliver.

These emerging commercial areas, issues that are driving them, and specifically those companies which are publicly traded, are our focus at Biotech Stocks. We do not do buy or sell recommendations or offer investment advice. Moreover, we strongly caution against falling prey to the hype surrounding penny stocks. This is the “Wild, Wild West” of investing. Do not play this market with money you cannot afford to lose. So while we warn you to beware out there, we also believe there will be companies who will do very well in this area in coming years. We don’t pretend to know who they will be.