CEN Biotech Moves To Court Against Health Canada


CEN Biotech is planning to take the federal government to court, after its plea for opening a medical marijuana facility in Lakeshore was rejected. The company has filed for a federal judicial review of the decision imposed by Health Canada. According to the filings, the judgment is “unlawful” and “unreasonable.” CEN Biotech has also reported several complaints against Health Canada’s working procedure in the case in its court filing.

Health Canada had earlier declined to accept CEN Biotech’s appeal to start a medical marijuana facility in Lakeshore. The company denies to accept the verdict and is moving to the court in seek of a review of the decision. The company has accused Health Canada of acting beyond its influence and has also claimed that it had acted without procedural fairness. The company has filed documents in the Toronto court.

Apart from these allegations, CEN Biotech also alleged Health Canada of breaching confidentiality by allowing third-party interference. The company claims that the correspondence was allowed to be accessed by third parties from Lakeshore. With such a step, the company has been put at a risky competitive position, it claims.

CEN Biotech was being probed since it completed the development of its multi-million dollar facility at two locations, namely Manning and North Rear roads. The facilities were set up to manufacture medical marijuana. If the company had received the authorization for its operations at the facility, it would have become the Nation’s largest producer of marijuana. However, CEN Biotech’s moves were subject to scrutiny because it had completed the set up of the factory even before obtaining the required license for producing medical marijuana. Questions about the funding of the facilities also raised concerns.

According to the article, the company had cited that it was due to receive the government approval soon, but the government declined to affirm the news.


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