Calithera Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:CALA) And Incyte Corporation (NASDAQ:INCY) Report Global Collaboration

Calithera Biosciences Inc

Calithera Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:CALA) and Incyte Corporation (NASDAQ:INCY) reported that they have entered into an international collaboration and license deal for the research, commercialization and development of Calithera’s small molecule arginase inhibitor “CB-1158” in oncology and hematology. CB-1158 is presently being assessed in a monotherapy dose escalation study and additional trials are anticipated to assess CB-1158 in arrangement with immuno-oncology agents, comprising anti-PD-1 therapy.

The details

Reid Huber, Ph.D., the CSO of Incyte, reported that it is known that arginase-expressing tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells often plays a vital role in arranging the immune suppressive microenvironment in case of cancer. However, so far therapeutic use of the arginase enzyme has continued to be elusive. The inclusion of CB-1158 to their portfolio expands their unique immuno-oncology pipeline and permits them to continue to support their mission of identifying and advancing immune-active combination treatments to cure patients with cancer.

Susan Molineaux, Ph.D., the CEO of Calithera, reported that in this strategic association with Incyte, CB-1158 is projected to be assessed in multiple studies of unique therapeutic combinations, boosting its development across oncology and hematological indications. Under the terms of the license and collaboration deal, Calithera will get an up-front compensation of $45 million from Incyte. Additionally, Incyte intends to an equity investment in Calithera valued at $8 million via the stock purchase at $4.65 per share.

Incyte will get international rights to commercialize and develop CB-1158 in oncology and hematology and Calithera will have certain rights to research, advance and commercialize specific other arginase inhibitors in a number of orphan indications.

Both the companies will jointly plan and co-fund advancement of CB-1158, with Incyte heading global development measures. Incyte will fund 70% of international development while Calithera will be accountable for the remaining 30%. In the case of commercialization and regulatory approvals of CB-1158, they will share in any anticipated U.S. losses and profits (receiving 40% and 60%, respectively. Calithera will be entitled to get more than $430 million in prospective development, commercialization and regulatory milestones from Incyte.


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