Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX) Acquires Securus Medical Group, Inc. for $40 Million


Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX), which is located in Marlborough, MA, has acquired Securus Medical Group, Inc. in a deal valued at $40 million. BSX will also pay additional pay $10 million subject to the commercial milestones and regulatory approvals. The privately held company, Securus Medical Group, Inc. has produced a thermal monitoring system to measure the esophageal temperature on a continuous basis.

Cardiac ablation is used to treat Arrhythmias. In this process, a cryothermal energy or radio frequency is delivered to destroy a small portion of the heart muscle that causes abnormal heart rhythm. Esophagus temperature is monitored by the physicians to prevent thermal injury during the ablation procedure.

The thermal monitoring system consists of an imaging system and catheter based probe to produce real-time images of the esophagus temperature. It is an innovative system developed by Securus Medical Group to continuously monitor the esophagus temperature from thousands of points rather than at few fixed locations in traditional methods and provide a 360 degree view to the physicians for better diagnosis and treatment.

It doesn’t require a contact with the tissues to accurately measure the temperature. It is a simple and one time positioning of the probe for esophagus temperature measurement. The infrared esophageal temperature monitoring system has got the nod of US FDA and will be integrated into the portfolio of BSX. The new system will be available for commercial use in H1 2019 in the US.

BSX is engaged in offering a variety of electrophysiology products/ services to diagnose and manage cardiac rhythm disorders. The company has added multi-electrode catheter and single shot technology to treat atrial fibrillation to its product line through an acquisition of Apama Medical Inc. in October 2017.

It has also expanded therapeutic catheter capabilities for the physicians by unveiling INTELLANAV™ ST navigation-enabled, and small tip catheter for accurate measurements of ablations.

The president (Rhythm Management) of Boston Scientific, Mr. Joe Fitzgerald said the takeover of Securus Medical Group has further enhanced electrophysiology portfolio.

A Brief Information about Securus Medical Group, Inc.

The headquarters of Securus Medical Group, Inc. is located in Cleveland, Ohio.



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