Bioverativ Inc (NASDAQ:BIVV), One Of The Best Biotech Stocks, Appoints Anna Protopapas As A Board Member In A Bid To Revamp Its Operations

Best Biotech Stocks

Bioverativ Inc (NASDAQ:BIVV), one of the top Biotech Stocks 2017, may soon make significant progress following the decision to make AnnaProtopapas a part of its top executives.Bioverativ Inc happens to bee one of the leading and at the same time trusted biotechnology companies dealing with discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative therapies to help patients suffering from hemophilia and some other forms of rare blood disorders.

Anna Protopapas is stepping on to serve in the capacity of a board member. This is happening at a moment when the company is doing all within its means to revamp its operations. The injection of this “new blood” in its system seems the best possible way to give the company a lift so that it in future it competes favorably with its competitors who in the pats have proved quite vigilant in their operations.

The kind of working personnel any company puts in place is usually pivotal towards the company’s development as well as expansion. A well qualified and experts workforce many at times builds on the dynamism and production of high quality services, which of course is something the top health provider hopers to achieve in a matter of time after the new appointment.

Ms. Protopapas is moving in with a wealth of experience considering that she has served for more than 20 years in the biopharmaceutical industry, where she was able to serve in capacities of President, member of the board of directors, Chief Executive Officer.

The top official’s serving in the leading biopharmaceutical companies enabled her to be viewed for who she truly was and she has come to her new workplace presenting an amazing track record which has convinced the company of her capabilities as a new member and her value to the company.

Anna’s knowledge as well as her rich perspective which of course resonates from her long-term experience is set to benefit Bioverativ in a big way and the Chairman of the Board of Bioverativ, was quick to acknowledge that. The top official was quick to welcome the new board member on behalf of the company.

Ms. Protopapas on her turn stood up in utmost joy thanking the company immensely for considering her to work in that capacity. She said that she was going to do all within her means to ensure that the company moved to the next level in terms of provision of high quality and trusted products. Soon, the change might be of a greater impact making the company feature positively on the Biotech Stock News.


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