Biotechnology Advances to a New Frontier



In this digital space, our success has been roughly gauged against Moore’s Law named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, who said that integrated chip performance would double every year and a half.

In the area of biotechnology, things have been progressing even quicker than that. A useful proxy for the heavy increase in our power in the field is the drop In costs of syncing the genomes of a complex organism.

Back in the year 2003 the human genome project was finished a cost of $2.7bn. Currently, you are able to go to 23 and me as wells get a useful sequence of your own genome for 260$

Throughout the globe, biotech’s being democratized by falling costs as more and more inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers understand that they can afford to create new products using the tried and a true system of lean startup instead of having to apply for grant funding to go work in big pharmaceutical companies.

That’s why SOSventures developed Indie Bio to bring into cork the next wave of these lean startups running a business at the cutting edge of computing and biology.


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