Biotech Stocks and The Big Opportunity With Heart Disease


    With millions of people who suffer from various forms of  heart disease, it’s good to know that the men and women of the biotech industry are working  as efficiently as possible to develop a system of medicines that help treat and alleviate symptoms of various forms of heart disease.

    The FDA has signed off on the first cholesterol-busting  statin medicine more than two decades ago, and statins’ proven ability to cut cholesterol levels has developed them into the most widely taken medicine in the U.S.  Although,  for millions of individuals statin therapy has been known to fail, and that is the reason why Esprion Therapeutics (ESPR) is creating ETC-1002, which is a clinical-stage cholesterol  fighter that has shown astounding results in midstage research.

    Even though a large amount of Americans using statins such as Pfizer’s (PSE) Liptor every year, heart disease still comes in as the number 1 cause of fatalities in the U.S.  However that isn’t likely to switch anytime in the future given that almost half of all Americans have at least one of the biggest risks to consider, that can result in heart disease

    The most common concern of heart disease is high levels of LDL cholesterol, or simply put “bad” cholesterol . In case you are not aware cholesterol is produced in the liver and utilized by the human body to develop new cells, insulate nerves, and create important hormones. Milk and meat products have been known to increase cholesterol levels inside of the human body.

    To lower the risk of that occurring, doctors normally prescribe statins that help reduce the livers production of cholesterol by suppressing the activity of HMG-CoA reduce enzyme. From lowering production, statins also increase “bad” cholesterol receptors that help eliminate LDL from the bloodstream.  Typically the most common prescribed statin across the U.S. is the generic form of Lipitor, a medicine that is widely utilized and which sales saw as much as $12 billion annually before it lost patent protection.


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