Biotech SpotLight on InMed Pharmaceuticals


Biotech companies will be one of the greatest beneficiaries of the global cannabis movement as the plant can improve daily life for tens of millions every day.

After securing a potentially highly lucrative licensing contract, InMed Pharmaceuticals,
(OTCQB: IMLFF CSE: IN) looks even better positioned to benefit for positive tailwinds facing the global cannabis industry.

What does InMed Pharmaceuticals Do?

InMed Pharmaceuticals is a pre-clinical biopharmaceutical company that is focused on the research and development of novel and cannabinoid-based therapies in Canada. The products under pre-clinical development stage include:

• INM-750 for the treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa
• INM-085 for the treatment of Glaucoma

InMed is also developing various drugs for diseases, such as ocular, pain and inflammation, dermatology, central nervous system, metabolic, and respiratory disease. InMed is following a traditional pharmaceutical of drug development through the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Owns Valuable Proprietary Property

InMed Pharmaceuticals possess valuable intellectual property. In addition to their pipeline of therapies they are also developing:
1.) Ocular Delivery Technology – Potential stand alone business
2.) A cannabinoid manufacturing process – a disruptive technology for the industry.
3.) Bioinformatics Database Assessment Tool. – Burgeoning licensing opportunities

This last product will be attractive to countless biotech, research and healthcare firms as it provides cannabinoid recommendations based off a vast database and proprietary algorithms. The platform operates can cut costs and improve margins for firms by shortening the discovery period. It also improves the chances of success when it comes to drug commercialization.

The Bioinformatics Database Assessment Tool is comprised three core components. One such component is a database of the chemicals found in the cannabis plant. With the ability to network with other databases in metabolics, genetic pathways and protein interactions to name a few. Effectively a drastic reduction in the time and cost for drug discovery.

The opportunity here is evidenced by a recently signed a term sheet for its first potential licensing deal with Revive Therapeutics Ltd. The company hopes to assist Revive as it works to develop cannabinoid-based therapeutics for kidney diseases. Expect more licensing deals in the future that will further unlock value for InMed’s shareholders.

Outlook is Bright

The positive tailwinds pushing the global cannabis industry makes InMed an attractive candidate for biotech cannabis investors. The vast capabiltities of the Bioinformatic division and the large number of illnesses that can be identified and treated with cannabis is only one attractive aspect of the company. We expect InMed’s 21st century approach to cannabinoid drug development , delivery and production to advance and expand significant catalysts for shareholders over the coming year and beyond.


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