Biotech Industry Meeting Looks Back at the Oklahoma Sector


Developing a startup is bioscience is different from building a startup in any other industry.

For starters, the research and invention can take a substantial amount of time.
This past week read about Biolytx, an Oklahoma startup that is on a track to finishing clinical testing.
It is taken over 30 years of dedication and effort for Dr. Anne Pereira to identify and validate a new drug for fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and the company has quite some time to go before finishing clinical testing and progressing through the clinical stages.
Then federal and industry self-regulation is crucial whether the technology is a new device or pharmaceuticals. To establish anything to market in this sector, a strategy behind any collaboration is a necessity. And that is the reason behind why the Biotechnology Industry Organization International Convention is so strategic.
This past month, BIO International held a conference for almost 16,000 industry leaders from thousands of organizations involving the planets foremost biotechnology companies and more than 300 academic institutions and research facilities.
“BIO International is really important to Oklahoma on a couple of levels,” statedJosh O’Brien, director of the Entrepreneurial Development, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. “Virtually everyone in the industry is there — corporations, investors, scientists, and startups. Our participation promotes the state bioscience industry as a whole. BIO International is a key opportunity to have our technology transfer offices and startups come to an international event and reach out and make connections that will help them do business.”


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