Biotech Companies Comes Up With Breakthrough Drugs To Prevent Regrowth Of Cancer


Cancer treatment has received the boon of certain exquisite, little known yet rapid growing biotech breakthroughs. Investors have also begun to take interest in the stocks of the companies that are being acknowledged for, in front of all and sundry.

An Elixir Of Life

Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) evolved in developing an elixir – a revolutionary drug that is in its trial stages and can provide lasting impression upon treatment of advanced cancer cells. The experimentation or trials concluded successfully and regrowth of cells cancerous can be veritably prevented by the holistic process of metastasis.

Indeed, Chemotherapy seems to be the treatment from the days of the yore; incidentally, it is useful only if the disease is in its buddying or initial stages. Biopharma company Propanc had been functional since its inception in 2007 by the experts in the realm of oncology – Dr. Julian Kenyon and Professor Klaus Kutz. The duo has carried out a pivotal role in PRP anti-cancer treatment.

PRP Reduces Tumour Growth

Propanc’s PRP is so designed that malignant cells cannot quite easily transfer its malignancy property to other secondary locations and give birth to new born. At the current premise wherein no treatments can solicit or warrant 100% effectiveness in shrinking tumours and keeping the body at the correct setting; hence, as a temporary option, Propanc acts a haven to PRP-DCM, which is set to explore the vast expanse of human body. Body immune system needs to be at the pink to fight out cases of immune-oncology.

Besides PPCH, Verastem Inc (NASDAQ:VSTM), Stemline Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:STML) and CTI BioPharma Corp (NASDAQ:CTIC) are inline to exhibit their cancer treatment measures in the realm of advanced sciences.


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