Biostage Inc. (NASDAQ:BSTG) Leading Biotech Stock Firm Aims To Revolutionise Esophageal Cancer

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Cancer, or anything that is related to the oncology field of medication and drug treatment, is often revolved around deadlines. This is due to the severity of the diseases, and the lifeline that is needed to be thrown, in order to save lines. It only gets worse, when referring to the case of Esophageal cancer.

However, Biostage Inc. (NASDAQ:BSTG) is currently working on a new way to, in their opinion revolutionize the treatment of this cancer, in order to redact the level of severity that is inflicted upon patients.

How Biostage aims to do this and the impact it can have on biotech stocks

The main problems of Esophageal cancer are that if it not caught quickly enough, it may be impossible to treat. However, even if it is discovered sooner rather than later, treating the cancer is no easy matter, and can be a dangerous operation.

This is due to the process, which doctors have to go through, in order to ensure that patients are able to survive the experience. Essentially tissue from the esophageal region in the stomach has to be removed, and the residing tissue has to be stretched and reattached in order for the stomach to function properly.

As can be expected, the rates of surviving this treatment are exponentially low, with only 10 to 15% of individuals, who go through this process living up to fiveyears longer. However, Biostage is currently working on a method, not to improve the cancer treatment process itself, but rather the recovery process.

Needless to say, if this process works out for the company, not only will they be instrumentally revolutionizing the recovery process of patients who are stricken with this disease, but the company will also see soaring profits regarding both sales, and biotech stock prices.

How Biostage aims to improve the recovery chances in patients who go through this surgery

The technology itself, which has been successfully developed by Biostage, involves a façade mechanism, which is infused with stem cells. Essentially, instead of stretching out the stomach tissue, this is placed inside the patient during the surgery, and thanks to the stem cells, it is capable of growing an entirely new esophageal. Almost eradicating the risk of the operation.


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