Biosimilar Products Help Save $250 Billion Over A Decade


The US medicine parlance holds testimony to a pragmatic paradigm shift. Anti-cancer drug, Neupogen, received approval across the US as a generic, prescription version for the first time in the US history. The innovations, researches and developments associated, with the drug in the medical parlance, may open myriad of avenues for an era of drug manufacturing, which are capable of taking the industry to newer heights, thus saving billions of USD each year.

Biosimilar Products – Cheap And Cost Effective

FDA has lately approved Zarxio, a bio-similar product of Neupogen, which is manufactured by Novartis AG (ADR) (NYSE:NVS). Zarxio is presently the cheapest drug available.

Affordable Care Act takes care of bio similar products. It not only helps in set up of cheaper variants of bio similar products, but also plays a pivotal role in bettering affordability and ameliorating access feasibly over a gamut of time. Steve Miller, the CMO at Express Scripts, said that acknowledging and popularising a bio-similar product is a pragmatic move.

Profitability Of Using Biosimilars

As the biosimilar product of Neupogen is out for production and then sale and this would save sums in excess of $5.5 Billion for a decade. Express Scripts compiled that as part of the marketing gimmick, using the biosimilar product would ensure that a user can avail a discounted price of 30%.

Analysts are apprehensive of long term savings; demand and acceptances of a product or service can lure investor is in to investment that may reap only low profits in the short term but longer rewards and so as.

The European biosimilars are being adapted far and wide. On uptake of the global, biosimilar uptake, the overall sales are deemed to grow slow, but hopeful of creating savings in the tune of $11 up to $33 billion. Express Scripts expects an estimate of $250 Billion savings over the forthcoming 10 years’ period.


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