Biopharmx Corp (NYSEAmerican:BPMX) To Present At Oppenheimer’s Annual Healthcare Conference


Biopharmx Corp (NYSEAmerican:BPMX) a specialty pharmaceutical firm developing dermatology products, reported that it will showcase its updated corporate presentation at upcoming Oppenheimer’s 28th Annual Healthcare Conference on March 21. This event hosts a broad spectrum of private and public firms who are pioneers and leaders in the biopharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, health technology & distribution, life science tools & diagnostics, and healthcare facility, service and provider industries. It is expected to be one of the most renowned investor conferences in this sector.

The buzz

Biopharmx marks as a Silicon Valley-based specialty pharma firm, which seeks to offer products via proprietary platform technologies for over-the-counter (OTC), prescription and supplement applications in the buzzing health and wellness markets, including women’s health and dermatology. Earlier in the month of January, the company posted that a revolutionary way to measure how successfully a single dose of topically used minocycline reached the pilosebaceous and epidermis unit of human facial skin may possibly explain initial onset of efficacy noted in two investigational Biopharmx drugs.

The measurement was achieved utilizing fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy to visualize the supply of BPX-041 for rosacea and BPX-011 for acne. The sensitivity and specificity of the technique allowed researchers to start quantifying the local supply of minocycline in a particular layer of skin. This research may pave way to using FLIM know-how to predict the efficacy of certain medications and their delivery early in the advancement process.

Conor L. Evans, PhD, stated that this application of FLIM provides them the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of drug delivery setup, launching a new way of performing pharmacokinetic studies. This approach could considerably expand the utility of FLIM in the advancement of new drugs.

Evans directed one of the research teams showcasing data at SPIE Photonics West. Innovative approaches and other nonlinear imaging microscopy has the potential to help in developing the understanding of drug delivery, metabolism and distribution, and spur the development of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic tomography.


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