Biopharmx Corp (NYSEAMERICAN:BPMX) Is Awarded Patent Protection For Its Novel Tetracycline-class Topical Drug Compositions


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Biopharmx Corp (NYSEAMERICAN:BPMX) protection for its Novel Tetracycline-class topical drug compositions. The patent (U.S. Patent No. 9,918,998) comprises of minocycline or another tetracycline-class drug as well as a process for producing such compositions.

The protection comes at a time when the pharmaceutical industry is so desperate for a stable, soluble topical formulation of minocycline. Apparently, this is the second patent the corporation is obtaining in a span of three weeks.

 BioPharmX has successfully completed innovative research and development

There has been a growing anxiety over the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Despite having oral minocycline, oral antibiotics tend to be flooding the market at a fast rate. The antibiotics are having undesirable effects, which range from nausea to diarrhea.

The formulations in the patent include BPX-01 and BPX-04, which treat acne and rosacea respectively. The company has put in massive efforts in research and development of the patent. Word has it that through the use of a minocycline composition, the patent also covers the management of dermatological inflammation or infection.

According to Anja Krammer, the President and Co-founder of BioPharmX, the patent protection is not only unique but also significant. She adds, “It recognizes that our development of a topical tetracycline-class drug, something that has eluded the pharmaceutical industry since minocycline was first commercially used in the 1970s.”

BioPharmX is the first company to develop a topical gel formulation of minocycline

The specialty pharmaceutical company is in charge for the development of products for the dermatology market. However, it also prides in the fact that it is the first to have developed a topical gel formulation of minocycline. The treatment will be reaching out to targeted areas and particularly those whose population is suffering from acne. The application of minocycline topically will help in reducing the systemic uptake of minocycline in a patient.

BioPharmX has received another three U.S. patents, which protect the company’s encapsulation delivery system. Krammer cites that the new milestone will take the company a long way in protecting its valuable intellectual property.


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