Biogen Inc (NASDAQ:BIIB) Alums Give Waltham Biotech A Major Boost


Waltham has witnessed the launching of a new biotech. The biotech is privileged to have number of former Biogen executives who as a matter of fact are expected to contribute much to towards the company’s success. Asides from that, it also got a $38 million from Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE), Henri Termeer and other high end investors.

Arrakis Therapeutics plans on developing possible and effective treatments for cancer, neurology and the other genetic disorders that interfere with RNA.  Canaan Partners is a Californian venture capital firm and it is thanks to it that the $38 million was made possible.

The leading drug firm Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ:CELG), Osage University Partners and venture capital firms Advent Life Sciences were the other who joined in helping the company kick-start. Michael Gliman for a long time now has served in the capacity of the research head at Cambridge-based Biogen Inc (NASDAQ:BIIB)

He also has contributed quite much in the biotech startup community. The company will be privileged to have him serve in the capacity of CEO and chairman. Who knows? May be the new official will be the reason this company appears Biotech Stock News next.

At the moment, the company is setting up plans that will see it smoothly sail through the identification of new RNA targets in opposition to protein ones. It is trying to abandon the old way of doing things and instead is embracing technology in a big way as well as new ways of going about matters. They look forward to a moment when they will be abler to come up with drugs that will prove useful towards the modulating and inhibiting a number of functions associated with the various molecules.

The company boasts of its great and diversified financial resources, intellectual property and the great experiences associate with its members. It sees all those as amazing strategies that will propel them to become one of the Top Biotech Stocks.

Around the globe, people continue to suffer from a wide range of disease. On top of that, there are other diseases that are sprouting with the passage of time. It is for that matter that the drug manufacturers need to up their game towards discovering the best remedies to help cure the ailing fraction of people around the globe. Arrakis Therapeutics hopes to make significant steps towards this direction.


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