Big Pharma Company Faking Cancer Diagnosis To Increase Sales


Wrong drugs being prescribed to patients?

Big Pharma companies typically don’t get caught conspiring to do so. But, pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics is under investigation for fabricating a cancer diagnosis of patients to increase sales of opioid drug, Subsys. The drug, a sprayable form of fentanyl, created for cancer patients with acute pain.

Insys utilized tactics to hoax both medical staff and patients, like altering medical records, deceiving insurance companies, and bribing doctors.

After Insys had approval to begin selling the opioid drug, there was one substantial problem. The market of cancer patients did not go with their goal for profit, they then began fabricating information making it look as though the patient had cancer increase sales.

Insys employee’s obtained authorization for the drug rather than the doctor’s office. The insurance companies were misled thinking that they were speaking to someone qualified. Subsys being a drug for cancer patients, insurance companies were required to ensure patients truly had cancer. Insys strategically answered the question implying the patient had cancer without actually stating it.

Special agent Harold Shaw of the FBI explained: “As alleged, top executives of Insys Therapeutics, Inc. paid kickbacks and committed fraud to sell a highly potent and addictive opioid that can lead to abuse and life threatening respiratory depression. In doing so, they contributed to the growing opioid epidemic and placed profit before patient safety. These indictments reflect the steadfast commitment of the FBI and our law enforcement partners to confront the opioid epidemic impacting our communities, while bringing to justice those who seek to profit from fraud or other criminal acts.”

The current opioid epidemic is significant in the United States. Drug dealers are not only perceived as sketchy individuals on the streets. The reality of the situation is that the people responsible for the abuse of opioids are the U.S. government, pharmaceutical companies, and doctors.

The government and doctors are intensely associated to the opium trade. Physicians and Big Pharma companies are heavily marketing opioids and the U.S. government governing the opium trade. A shift in values in needed in the medical industry, away from profit to concentrating on healing.


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