Aytu Bioscience Inc (NASDAQ:AYTU) Unleashes Its Research Findings In Line With Natesto


The stock of Aytu Bioscience Inc (NASDAQ:AYTU) closed at $0.72 maintaining the same position in yesterday’s trading session. This company has moved forward to disclose that it had unveiled a poster presentation which demonstrated a series of the safety benefits of the Natesto therapy. It targeted the restoration of normal testosterone levels among the hypogonadal men.

The Chief Executive Officer of Aytu BioScience Josh Disbrow said “The body of clinical evidence continues to build with Natesto, and this important post hoc analysis from the Natesto Clinical Study Report demonstrates the unique profile of Natesto as it relates to maintaining normal levels of key testosterone metabolites.”

One point worth noting is the fact that both estradiol and DHT levels are perpetually configured among those men receiving the testosterone replacement therapy and could in one way or the other result in adverse side effects.

Basically this particular analysis brings to the limelight a rather unique aspect in line with the favorable safety profile of Natesto and might end up offering distinct benefits to those men seeking out for treatment.

A number of market observers following closely on the progress of this company have moved forward to heap praises on it for the significant step it has made in inspiring hope among those men that have been facing challenges in reproductive health and sexual wellness.

One point worth mentioning about this company is the speed with which it moves in the adoption of working business strategies. It is the reason why it has maintained its position in the market and hopes that by leveraging on the latest technological advancement it will be able to stage fierce competition to its rivals in the wellness space. As per now it is focusing much of its efforts to the marketing of two of its prescription products in the United States.

A lot of things seem to be working out for this business guru. However that shouldn’t be mistaken to mean that it doesn’t encounter challenges. Drug manufacturing pulls along with its fair share of challenges and the company has not been spared either.


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