AstraZeneca Focuses on $500M Buyout


Monotherapy development of a PD-1 drug has stopped according to AstraZeneca. The drug acquired a $500 million biotech buyout. There is a new focus of AstraZeneca’s takeover of Amplimmune, and this is MEDI0680.

AstraZeneca picked up MEDI0680, which is a PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor, in its takeover of Amplimmune in 2013. AstraZenza paid $225 million upfront, and it also promised up to $275 million in milestones in attempt to buy the firm in 2013. The focus of this takeout is on MEDI0680, and this is also known as AMP-514.

AstraZeneca next move was to push MEDI0680 into three different early-phase trails. Only one of these trails still remains active. Within this trail MEDI0680 is being tested with AstraZeneca’s PD-L1 drug, lmfinzi. This is being tested with patients with advanced malignancies. The outcome of this experiment has been quite interesting. The trial pitted the PD1/PD-L1 against Opdivo. Opdivo is a Bristol-Myers Squibb’s rival checkpoint inhibitor.

MEDI0680 being a monotherapy was dropped from development as part of a reduction that affected some other drugs. The R&D team also cut asthma hopeful tralokinumab after it disappointed in the three phase 3 trails.

Tralokinumab is an irrelevant drug since AstraZeneca disclosed it, and in November they had failed to push the needle into two phase 3 trials. Prior to these failures, there was an earlier phase 3 failure and a miss in phase 2b. After these setbacks, the drug has continued to stumble on, but the most recent phase 3 fails have made the program extinct.

During AstraZeneca’s development this quarter, Anti-IL-13 antibody tralokinumab was the most advanced applicant to slip off the pipeline. The phase 2 asset, MEDI0680, has joined the junk pile, and another drug that didn’t make it past the early rounds of human tests.

The phase 2 resource is MEDI-673, an anti-IGF 1/2 monoclonal antibody AstraZeneca has moved into a series of tumor trails. This begun around the start of the decade and three of the trials came to a finish years ago but a mid phase study in hormone-sensitive. HER-2 negative metastatic breast cancer is still pursuing on. The trail is now set to come to a close as this drug is dropped from the companies pipeline.

AstraZenza has also decided to drop the asthma asset AZD9898.


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