Aptose Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:APTO) Prioritizes Advancement Of CG’806 FLT3/BTK Inhibitor


Aptose Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:APTO) a clinical-stage firm advancing new molecular diagnostics and therapeutics reported that it will arrange its resources toward the advancement of CG’806. It is an oral preclinical compound advanced for patients with FLT3-led acute myeloid leukemia and certain BTK-resulted B-cell malignancies.

The company will temporarily defer clinical activities with ‘APTO-253’, a phase I stage compound for acute myeloid leukemia, in order to clarify the cause of fresh manufacturing setbacks linked to the intravenous formulation of ‘APTO-253’, with the objective of restoring the molecule to a state boosting clinical advancement and partnering.

The details

Although Aptose has 2 compelling cancer drugs, existing resources can sustain the full development initiatives of only one at single time. Recent developments with CG’806 have raised this agent as having the greatest risk-reward profile to chase with those resources. Such information established ‘CG’806’ as a pan-FLT3 inhibitor that shows tumor eradication in the nonexistence of toxicity in AML xenograft prototypes, and it is on track for improvement as a treatment for certain AML patients.

Additionally, CG’806 is a strong non-covalent inhibitor of production among definite BTK-driven B-cell resultant cancer cells. The promising properties of CG’806, counting its potency counter to well-established targets in ailments of severe medical need, require expeditious advancement and arrangement of resources toward this molecule.

William G. Rice, Ph.D., the CEO and Chairman of Aptose, said that concurrent evidence of an innovative activity profile with ‘CG’806’ along with industrial delays for ‘APTO-253’ have forced them to reprioritize their corporate strategy. While they remain confident in the feasibility of APTO-253 as a possible cure for AML, we believe the superior value proposition to patients and shareholders is to focus available resources on CG’806.

Last November, Aptose’s Phase 1b study of APTO-253 in subjects with AML was put on clinical hold. Since then, the firm has actively assessed multiple formulation and production processes with the goal of advancing a superior IV formulation.


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