Animal Cancer Issues Being Battled by Morphogenesis



The incidence of life-threatening cancer in people worldwide is looking to increase from $13.2 million cases recorded back in 2010 to a new goal of 22.2 million by 2030, with medicine costs reaching $460 billion in reference from the American Cancer Society.

Those stats and more were uncovered in an address to the World Vaccine Congress by Michael J.P. Lawman, Ph.D., President, Chairman and Chief Science officer at Tampa-based Morphogenesis Inc. and lead designer of the ImmuneFx cancer treatment.

“It is a sad fact that one in four dogs and one in three cats in our households will die of cancer this year,” said Dr. Lawman, co-inventor of ImmuneFx™.  “With more than 83 million dogs and 95 million cats in homes across the U.S., our work is focused on reducing the suffering for the pets and their pet parents. And, we have high hopes for ImmuneFx™ in treating humans.”

Morphogenesis is at the forefront of managing what is being called an epidemic in humans yet could also be identified n epidemic in companion animals. Morphogenesis is dedicating their efforts towards a cure with its commercially available pet cancer vaccine, ImmuneFx.


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