Amicus Therapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:FOLD) Unveils The Corporate Updates For The Year Ended 2018


In its many years of business operation as a global biotechnology company, Amicus Therapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:FOLD) has channeled much of its efforts towards the development as well as the delivery of novel medicines to help patients struggling with rare metabolic diseases.

This company has today moved ahead to make the announcement on the financial results for the full year. From the look of things, the year ended December 31, 2017 seems to have been a pretty good one for the company.

One rather notable thing was the fact that the company went a step further to make a summary of the reiterated full-year 2018 revenue, the recent program updates and the net cash spend guidance. They are details that are going to interested quite a large number of the interested parties, one of them parties being those eyeing to make investments in the company.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amicus Therapeutics, Inc John F. Crowley while addressing a number of journalists who had moved out seeking to interview him spoke several important points regarding the company. First and foremost he spoke on the over progress of the company.

He outlined that as accompany they were moving ahead with the plan to establish a top end global rare disease biotech company. He took immense pride in the fact that in the early part of 2018 they had managed to advance their vision which is fundamentally about maximizing the impact of the company’s medicines for those patients struggling with rare metabolic diseases.

He went further to state that there was tremendous momentum for the regulatory review processes for Galafold and for the unveiling as well. They are looking forward to make major expansions in terms of enhancing global access to this working oral precision medicine targeting the Fabry disease.

An official working with the company opined, “The longer term data from our Pompe clinical study further consolidate the potential of our new treatment paradigm for this devastating muscle disease. The company is well positioned to create significant near- and long-term value for patients and shareholders.”


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