Amicus Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:FOLD) Introduces Healing Beyond Disease™ Measures


Amicus Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:FOLD) planned to honor Rare Disease Day with the release of Healing Beyond Disease™, an international, Amicus employee-driven measure inspired by people struggling with rare ailments and their families.

The buzz

Healing Beyond Disease is intended to expand and enhance the firm’s support for families, advocacy organizations and patients beyond the firm’s research and development of unique drugs. More information on this plan is available in an infographic on the company’s corporate website. As per the update, Healing Beyond Disease is grounded on five major “pillars” and uses Amicus’ different internal resources, current philanthropic initiatives and drug development expertise to offer a distinct level of advancement to the rare disease community.

Through unique volunteerism, mentorship and philanthropy for nonprofit organizations, individuals and others, Healing Beyond Disease will offer further boost to the rare disease community, counting extensive access in geographies where the requirement for Amicus drugs exists but the prospect of having marketed, reimbursed items does not.

John F. Crowley, the CEO and Chairman of Amicus Therapeutics, expressed that they are honored and thrilled to officially release Healing Beyond Disease, their innovative promise to further meet the needs of the rare disease group in extraordinary ways. Their core objective at company is to make great drugs. Healing Beyond Disease is a commitment to do perform more than that. It is dependent on the notion that they are in this business to certainly change the lives of individuals living with rare ailments in many ways.

The five innovative pillars of their Healing Beyond Disease plan reflect their obligations beyond the treatments that they offer. This extensive commitment to the rare ailment community marks as a long-term one and it is major to their firm beliefs. It includes their philanthropic initiatives, investment in next generation therapies within their current therapeutic regions of focus, and their emerging strategies to make their drugs accessible to people in every part of the world thinkable – to heal beyond disease.


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