Amedica Corporation (NASDAQ:AMDA), Winds Up On The Independent Femoral Head Wear Testing


Amedica Corporation (NASDAQ:AMDA), which happens to be one of the leading in the manufacture and development of silicon nitride  has today made it public that that a number of researcher from Tokyo Medical University together with Professor Kengo Yamamoto MD PhD came to the end of the current research they had been working on. In the study, they looked into the wear characteristics of the more advanced and E stabilized polyethylene (E1® Zimmer-Biomet, Warsaw, IN, USA)

The independent wear research was supposed to hit international standards of quality and it was for that reason that it had to be done at the Medical Technology Laboratory of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute (Bologna, Italy) .It was spearhead by Professor Aldo Toni MD under close scrutiny and guidance from Dr. Saverio Affatato PhD (Rizzoli Institute).Consultations were also made with Professor Giuseppe Pezzotti PhD (Ceramic Physics Laboratory, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Japan and Kyoto Institute of Technology.

Acetabular liners and the Femoral heads came from Zimmer-Biomet (Tokyo Office) and Amedica .The research brought to light the fact that indeed silicon nitride femoral heads bore amazing wear properties. Dr. B. Sonny Bal, CEO and President of Amedica Corporation in a statement revealed that everyone was happy with the new discovery but no one needed to be confused to term them as having been surprised considering that they expected that. A close following of the Biotech Stock News is the easiest way to stay updates with the reactions of most companies on matters.

He went further to add saying that the work of the previous years were out and of course published in a number of the peer reviewed journals. The oxygen-scavening properties according top him meant prolonged spelt out protection to the Acetabular liners. That is not all! It also helps face out stubborn bacteria and it is corrosion-free as well.

The studies provided wear data and that was made possible by the hard work and dedication directed in the project. The composition as well as the Surface chemistry of femoral heads is not an easy thing to do. There was thus the need to put into play the various engineering methods that would lead the researchers on and on until they could reach their goal of establishing an ultra smooth and consistent articulating surface. A number of sittings need to be put in place to debate the matter. However, the data obtained from the study will help a lot in the ongoing dialogue with FDA. An approval will definitely lead to the release of the product in the market. Soon the product might be released into the markets and that may results in shifts in the Top Biotech Stocks.


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