Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NASDAQ:ALXN) Names Ludwig Hantson Its New CEO Following A Recent Internal Sales Probe


Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NASDAQ:ALXN) has in the recent past struggled with uncertainties after its top leadership stepped down abruptly to pave way for internal investigation following some suspicious sales practices.

The uncertainties have now been cleared after the company, which happens to be one of the Top Biotech Stocks named its new chief executive on Monday. According to the company’s top analysts, the new move will go along way in making the company a market leader as well as help it serve customers better.

Ludwig Hantson, who happens to be a Drug-industry veteran, has been welcomed to fit in the shoes of the interim CEO David Brennan, who will continue serving in the capacity of board chairman. Brennan took over his recent position after the abrupt stepping down of former CEO David Hallal after serving for 20 months.

The new CEO will be serving the company, which is one of the Best Biotech Stocks as well as bestseller for treatment for rare diseases. In his last work station where he served as the CEO; he showed very high discipline levels.

It is difficult to be appreciated by everyone. Some time back Mr. Brennan faced a number of challenges and one of them was about a number of investors with a negative opinion about his service delivery. They were insisting that the top executive from their point of view was quite lacking in terms of the required operational knowledge to carry out functions in the company.

As a matter of fact, the different concerned parties would have loved to hear Alexion’s perspective regarding the matter. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen since it kept it completely refused to comment on the matter.

However, that was not the end. Despite Alexion’s silence on the matter, it still went ahead to carry out its own investigations to get to establish the truth since that mattered a lot.

In making its statement, Alexion stated that unnamed senior management had compelled staff to convince customers to order the flagship drug at a much earlier time than expected in a move to try and meet some set financial targets.


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