Agenus Inc (NASDAQ:AGEN) Reports Combination Clinical Studies Of Its Anti-CTLA4 And Anti-PD1


Agenus Inc (NASDAQ:AGEN) reported the release of its combination study with its proprietary anti-PD1 (AGEN2034) and anti-CTLA4 (AGEN1884) antibodies. The Phase 1/2 clinical study introduced in December 2017 and registration into the initial cohort has been fast completed.

The buzz

Agenus reported that this trial is designed to assess the safety, pharmacokinetics, tolerability and clinical activity of combination AGEN2034 and AGEN1884 in people with advanced solid tumors. The ideal schedule and combination dose will be assessed in an expansion cohort of people with unworkable cervical cancer who have deteriorated post platinum-containing chemotherapy.

Garo Armen, Ph.D., the CEO and Chairman of Agenus, expressed that fast development of combination studies with their proprietary PD-1 and CTLA-4 antibodies is key to their plan of commercializing their I-O agents. Additionally, they consider both agents are vital for combinations with their portfolio of immune oncology therapeutics. Their antibodies were discovered, manufactured, advanced and optimized into the clinic at exceptional speed because of their fully integrated capabilities.

AGEN2034 and AGEN1884 are entirely human monoclonal antibodies intended to block PD-1 and CTLA-4, respectively. Other anti-PD-1 and anti-CTLA-4 antibodies have showcased curative benefits for people with cancer.  Agenus showcased data demonstrating that AGEN2034 and AGEN1884 in combination recorded the desired pharmacologic synergy and function in pre-clinical studies. It has advanced a non-exclusive access setup for these molecules and is presently in talks with numerous third parties to fast develop more effective combinations for people suffering from cancer.

AGEN2034 and AGEN1884 were advanced under a Collaborative R&D deal between Ludwig Cancer Research, Recepta Biopharma S.A. and 4-Antibody AG. It should be noted that Agenus boasts an extremely strong pipeline of immuno-oncology candidates in clinical development. Also, the company has made strong associations with leading drug makers for exceptional market growth and development. It clearly sparks positive interest in market and among shareholders.


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