A New Dawn For Cancer Patients As EXACT Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ:EXAS) And Mayo Look Forward To Blood-Based Lung Cancer Test

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The American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) has today released the results for the latest research which has indicated a promise for a better tomorrow for the cancer patients. EXACT Sciences Corporation  (NASDAQ:EXAS), which happens to be one of the Best Biotech Stocks and Mayo Clinic over a long period of time engaged in this research, and despite the various challenges succeeded in a great way.

This follows some observable serious developments seen in the in blood-based lung cancer test carried out earlier. The researchers put under test some about 400 patients and from the look of things the test indicated a high level accuracy towards the detection of cancer at all its stages.

Experts say that a simple blood draw is enough to help detect lung cancer among patients. Lung cancer happens to be one of the deadliest health conditions globally and that is indicated by the 1.7 million-figure of deaths that occur worldwide every year. In the U.S alone, 150,000 deaths are lost to cancer and that is quite a huge figure and it goes without saying that something really needs to be done to combat the condition.

Some of the top researches and medical practitioners have moved forward to speak to the general public in concerts and other platforms with the help of the government. They advice patients seek out some early diagnosis. Early diagnosis helps towards the treatment of the condition at its early stages, which is important since the condition in its early stages is easy to treat.

It is after the identification of the indeterminate nodule that medical practitioners move forward to draw blood, and from that point they subject it to the test in a move to diagnose whether one is suffering from the condition.

A positive blood test means that the patient will most probably need require a surgery or biopsy, whereas a negative one indicates the need of a less aggressive approach. The Biotech Stock News might soon have something new for us, but we just have to wait and see.


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