A Look Into the Advancement of Cell And Gene Therapy


The exciting renaissance in cell and gene therapy over the past five years has yielded some of the most innovative medical advances in the industry’s pipeline today.

These recent advances in the cell and gene therapy field are great examples of why we and many others in the industry get out of bed in the morning.

These small molecule and protein-based drugs were largely developed within the BioPharma industry.

While key and foundational discoveries often came from academia, like the early recombinant monoclonal antibody patents, their translation into clinical practice has historically been the realm of industry.

The bespoke art of biomedical product fermentation and subsequent bioprocessing was advanced through in-house learning within the biotechnology industry.

Clinical CROs emerged to help industry with the challenges of global scale in clinical development.

A plethora of drug discovery CROs formed by ex-Pharma industry veterans, leveraging the insights from decades in the medicinal chemistry and biologics ranks of industry.

CROs evolved to meet the demands – and soak up the extra talent – coming out of the industry.

These efforts were largely populated by ex-industry drug discovery veterans, transporting with them the know-how and institutional knowledge from industry into these academic efforts.

The same narrative could describe the advances in fully human antibodies and such – academic discoveries into phage display and transgenic mice were taken up by industry in their formative moments, put through the process of industrial discovery and early development, and then advanced into clinical studies and eventually the market.


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