7 Medical Breakthroughs Of 2016


1 – First Three Parent Baby

Thanks to a controversial medical technique, the world’s first baby was born with DNA from three different people. Scientists recently announced that the baby was born earlier this year to parents in Jordan.

2 – Successful Ebola Vaccine

Studies have shown that the Ebola vaccine, which was developed by the Canadian government in a Winnipeg laboratory, is extremely effective. The publication of this conclusion is a huge milestone that could help prevent the spread of the Ebola Virus in the future.

3. AIDS Patient Zero Story Debunked

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine in 1984 dubbed Gaetan Dugas “patient zero” in the growing epidemic, which implied that he brought the virus to the United States. For more than thirty years the French Canadian flight attendant was believed to have been the source of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the country.

4. ALS Gene Discovery

Some blasted that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze was just another social media trend, however researchers have declared earlier this year that the money raised from the movement helped fund the discovery of a new gene linked to the condition.

5. Gene Mutation Linked To Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers at the University of British Columbia discovered a genetic link to multiple sclerosis, which marked a breakthrough that could someday allow doctors to find and treat the disease before it surfaces.

6. Study Pinpoints Genetic Conditions Behind Intellectual Disabilities

With a genetic screening study, scientists in British Columbia found the genetic base of certain intellectual disabilities in children.

7. Cancer’s Achilles’ heel

A team of researchers believes an important detection has been made about the genetics of cancerous tumours. The scientists say that the discovery could offer a new way to deliver customized, cancer killing treatments.


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